Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Gofundme Fundraiser for Maxwell Graf Succeeds


Over a decade ago, the Newser wrote about Maxwell Graf, or Timothy Jackson in real life, in 2010 over his deleting his sim to protest content theft. A few years later, he asked for some help to avoid an eviction in real life of himself and his wife, and residents answered generously. But soon after disaster struck and they lost their home anyway. The following year she was badly hurt in an accident. Still, they found a new place and rented it monthly, making plans to get a lasting home. But then the property they were renting was bought, and the new owner told them they had to leave. They did get an offer accepted on a mobile home. But their savings weren't enough. So they started a Gofundme and asked for help. "We are so close to having some stability," he stated, "We need your help desperately to keep from becoming homeless again. Please fund us if you can."

Over the next several days, the fundraiser would collect $4675 US Dollars. Max was happy with the results, and closed the fundraiser.

We have reached our goal ... so have locked accepting further donations, other than continue to keep this open. We have what we needed, what we asked for and more than we dared to home. Thank you to all who shared, reposted, blogged, upvoted, linked, and most of all to all who donated. .. Your kindness and lvoe made every difference. We are lifted by others.

For those still wanting to help out Maxwell, they can purchase items from his Rustica furniture store at Rustica (130/116/58), which has a Marketplace page.

Hat Tip: Ryan Schultz

Bixyl Shuftan

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