Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Election Schedule For The CDS, Fall 2021


"Hard to believe that we are more than halfway through our 35th term of government but we are. We in the CDS have the privilege of electing our governing officials to represent us in forming and maintaining the laws and policies that determine the structure of our community. This privilege is rare in Second Life. It's also rare in real-life. We should not take this privilege for granted. Any CDS citizen in good standing as of Oct 9, 2021, is eligible to run ..."

CDS 36th TERM in the autumn of 2021

Dean of SC notifies citizens of dates

Qualification deadline to run for office
    - October 9, based on citizenship according to the October 8 CDS Census

Qualification deadline for right to vote
    - October 16

Call for candidates for RA and Chancellor announced
    - October 18

Deadline for declaration to run for RA or Chancellor
    - October 31

Dean posts list of candidates
    - November 3

Campaign starts
    - November 6

Polls open
    - November 13

Polls close
    - November 20

Announcement of new officers for the 36th Term
    - not later than November 21

New RA Affirmation of Office
    - between November 21 and December 1 at the convenience of the new officers

New RA Schedules first meeting and election of LRA
 - On or shortly after December 1, 2021

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