Saturday, October 2, 2021

Missed The Pillory Event


As it turned out, we got the date of "Lindens at the Pillory" wrong, not today but yesterday on Friday. Things in real life have been busier than usual for me lately, and was occupied with things in real life at the time as well. So all that we have is this picture of the scene a few hours later with the stocks empty, and the rotten fruit on the ground all cleaned up.

On the plus side, the Renaissance Festival has been doing very well with fundraising. With this announcement soon after the event:

SL Renaissance Festival just hit $10,000 today and that was our goal! So of course we can’t rest there with 2.5 days to go. Our new goal is $15,000 !!! Woohoo! Let’s kick cancer in the pants and stick it in the pillars!!!!

Today and tomorrow are the last days of the festival, and the last chances to shop, get a raffle ticket, or attend a dance or other event.

Bixyl Shuftan

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