Thursday, October 14, 2021

The 2021 SciFi Expo Quest

The 2021 Sci-Fi Expo is taking place. There are a number of things to see and do. Among the activities is a quest. Called "The Quest For Crystals" on one page in the Sci-Fi Expo blog, one can pick up the HUD at several places around the Expo sims. This includes New Eden (129/125/18) and Aperture (107/191/25).

There are two options when getting the Quest HUD. With the Basic version, you just get the HUD for 250L. But there's also a Deluxe version for 500L in which you get both the HUD and an outfit for the quest. When you buy the item, you add it to your avatar, and then click the bar that appears on the bottom of your viewer. You then get the Quest HUD, a "Holo Haley" wrist-mounted holographic assistant, and three sets of outfits: men, women, and dinkie. When you unpack an outfit box, you get several choices of mesh clothing. The outfit itself is pink, and comes with a small floating robot.

I should note that when I had on an avatar that was judged to be too high of a complexity by the local sim scanners, I wasn't able to get the HUD working. But with an older avatar, it worked. The HUD has a few buttons. Clicking the Objectives button for instance will remind you of what your immediate objective for the next part of the quest is. The Hint Button will provide you with a clue on what or where the next part of the quest is. There's also a bar that shows you how close you are to the next objective. If your target is far away, there's only a small red signal. If the bar is completely filled, your objective is within ten meters. 

The plot of the quest involves Earth trying to broker a peace between the various factions of the colony world of New Eden. But the global communication network is down, and one of the research assistants from Earth has gone missing with a data crystal with information the delegation needs to get things going. You're sent to look for her. But of course she isn't where you first go, just a clue to where she is. So what happens? Play the quest and find out. 

The quest lasts until the end of the Expo, which closes after Sunday October 17.
Bixyl Shuftan

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