Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Announcement: Halloween On Caledon Downs


You are invited to enjoy the fun of "Halloween On Caledon Downs". New this year is a Ghost Train along with the return of the Ghost Hunt and Pumpkin prizes. The Ghost Hunt is a region wide hunt for certain ghost that appear randomly for short periods of time that you shoot with any collision (prim firing) weapon. You can use any such weapon you have. There is no sign-up needed, the person and scoring is automatically recorded and the top four scores are displayed on a post in the Goblin Cave. Ghost Hunt has linden prizes of L$1500 first place, L$1000 second, L$500, and L$250 for fourth place. The hunt scoring will continue till the end of the Halloween dance at 8pm Sunday Oct 31st.

The Jack'o Lantern search is for 5 pumpkins deposited at certain locations about the region. Each Jack'o Lantern contains a prize delivered upon touching BUT mind you only touch once or well you'll get something scary! An example of the Jack'O lantern is displayed at the information board in the Goblin Cave. The information board will deliver the hints as to where these prize givers are.

The starting point is the Goblin Cave Community Center there you can pick up the info and hints for both the Ghost Hunt and Jack'O Lantern search. The region is completely open and filled with sights and games.

New is the Ghost Train. A scary ride along haunted rails to doom and more.

The Halloween season will end with a Halloween Dance in the Goblin Cave on Sunday Oct. 31st 6pm to 8pm. Enjoy!!

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