Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Further Details on the SL9B

On Monday, there was another SL9B announcement by Saffia Widdershins on the Prim Perfect newsletter following the one over the weekend. The centralized ten sim event will take place from June 18th to June 24th 2012. The sponsor of the event was also named, Dream Seeker Estates, "teams are already at work planning and developing ideas so that they will be ready to house the exhibits and the entertainment that all of us will create."

The announcement described "there will be a main stage and other stage venues. There will be gifts to take away … There will be an auditorium for talks (and also for TV broadcasts …)." Among the "old favorites" that will be returning is the cake stage, and while there may be a bear given out, it won't be a Linden Bear. Saffia stated her Designing Worlds" show would be filming there, in addition to Pooky Amsterdam's "the 1st Question" game show being there.

Signup details are at the website, where people can sign up as exhibitors, performers, or volunteers, the latter which the announcement stated were especially needed for the event. Like the Linden Lab sponsored anniversary events, the SL9B has a PG/General rating. So all exhibits and performances will have to limit themselves to one as well, the purpose being for all residents, including the underage ones, being able to attend, "exhibitors may provide landmarks to Adult regions, provided they are properly marked as Adult. And if residents decide to have a special Adult celebration on dedicated sims, a link can be provided to that too."

In addition to the "Community" theme, "this year there will be a new innovation: one day of the Birthday celebration will be dedicated to charity. The theme is AIDS awareness, and there will be fundraising for the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS charity, which is supported by the Dream Seeker Estates."

Saffia described this event as "last minute ... we only discovered a few days ago that definitely, definitively and finally that Linden Lab would not be supplying land for a centralized Birthday celebration. ... this is still a project in development, and you may be seeing a few changes over the coming days."

Key Dates:

Applications open NOW!

Applications close 3rd June

Exhibitors start building 4th June

Exhibitors Finish Building 16th June

Technical Rehearsal 17th June

SL9B Opening 18th June 11am SLT

Entertainment starts 18th June 12pm SLT

Entertainment finishes 24th June

Exhibits close 27th June

Source: Prim Perfect
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Bixyl Shuftan

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