Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update on "Wild Things"

A few days ago, Gemma Cleanslate did a report on a place in Second Life based on Maurice Sendak's children's book "Where the Wild Things Are." In the news yesterday, it was announced that Maurice Sendak had passed away.

First writing illustrations for children's books in the late 40's, Sendak was eventually writing his own, in addition to doing the pictures. "Where the Wild Things Are" was published in 1963, and gained a small amount of controversy due to the scary appearances of the monsters. The book was made into a movie a few years ago by Chuck Jones, "Sendak said he urged the director to remember his view that childhood isn't all sweetness and light. And he was happy with the result."

Sendak was 83. He had no problems with being called a children's story writer, "Kids don't know about best sellers. They go for what they enjoy. They aren't star chasers and they don't suck up. It's why I like them."

Sources: Yahoo News, Wikipedia

Bixyl Shuftan

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