Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Island Poem "The Celebration is Under Way!"

The Book Island Celebration is well under way;
Arton, Selina, and Alex have all come to play;
The Treasure Hunt has started, the raffle’s been won,
And the biggest events have yet begun.

So forgive my English, or a bad rhyme or a pun,
The whole event has been spearheaded for fun.
And if my prose doesn’t get in your way
We’ll have a wonderful, great thirty days.

There’s Selina’s address (of The Isle she’ll speak);
She has five years of Isle stories, and pictures to peek.
And, after her lecture, there’s plenty to be heard
But not all will be a spoken or a rhyming word.

It won’t take but a pause for the dances to flow,
While Aianna lets her written thoughts go,
Before the parties erupt in music and song
With writing in motion, to miss it would be wrong.

Check into a dance, any one, if not three;
Plenty of variety, there surely will be.
Hosted and DJ’d by quality folks
Who’ll sing, play, and spin to grease up your spokes.

There’s Chandra Deed, who brings classics to hear
Music to be heard while sipping ale or beer;
With Brendan Shoreland, a voice and a pick,
Who spins out the songs, with a guitar he’s so slick.

There’s Layna Chrome, who has been called an Angel
But gets down and dirty at the sound of a bell.
Singers and players, a terrific bunch to hear and to see ;
Nothing I’d miss if it were up to me.

So pop into the Island, walk in or transport;
Here’s plenty of shoreline to act as a port;
Drop in or fly in, TP or sail in, or maybe you’ll ride
(Just be sure if you’re on horseback to come in at low tide).

Meet the usual visitors, some new folks as well
And we’ll start up a Cherita, or give each other hell.
We are all friends, to dance or to tease,
To tire with dance or laugh, ‘till you drop to your knees.

Book Island, (207, 227, 37) (Writers Block Cafe)

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