Saturday, May 5, 2012

Perri Prinz Returns

It was over a week ago that Perri Prinz, the noted DJ of 60s & 70s music whom made her home in the Sunweaver Estates announced she was leaving Second Life. But with her friends missing her, she began talking about returning soon. And late Friday night she did.

Talking to Perri, she stated she probably would be spending less time on the Grid, notably in the near future, but had healed up enough to be able to deal with Second Life's buggier nature. But she felt her time here as a DJ was over. While she would like to get her club up and running again, she stated she'd need someone to manage it and someone else to handle the DJing.

In the meantime, Perri's friends are happy to have the gentle-natured bunnygirl back, notably her partner RECoyote Mindes.

Bixyl Shuftan

*Addition* As it turns out, Perri hasn't been logging on very often. Hopefully someday soon she can come back as before


  1. I sat on Perri's announcement a few days before writing on it. Perhaps I "jumped the gun," but she was serious when she told of her leaving, and she isn't just anyone. In any event, she's back, and her friends at the Sunweaver sims are happier for it.

  2. Welcome back Perri!! So glad you are back.