Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Halfway There Fair

Last weekend held a number of happenings on the Grid. Among them were the Relay for Life's "Halfway There Fair." In the Relay, the Halfway There Fair marks the halfway point from the kickoff of the fundraising season to the Relay walk at the end.

Relay for Life of Second Life is hosting the Halfway There Fair May 12-20, 2012. A festival that opens midway through our fundraising season, the Halfway There Fair is an opportunity for teams and committee to come together and play, smile, celebrate accomplishments and catch our breath for an awesome second half of the season. This weekend features many fun activities including live music entertainment, rides and game activities and the first annual "International Relay Festival".

The sim "Halfway There Fair" certainly looked like there was a lot to do there when I teleported there. There was a roller coaster, a water slide, a merry-go-round, and a number of other amusement park rides. At one corner of the sim was a huge circle of national flags. But the main activity was at the Maypole stage, where people gathered around to dance to the music of the DJ there.

Showing up on Sunday, May 13th, the most people I saw were on Sunday night when about a couple dozen were present at the stage dancing to Trader1 Whiplash cranking out the DJ tunes. There were a variety of noted Relayers, including Sheriff Fuzzball and Eugine of the Steelhead Salmons. There was also a "Purple People Eater" avatar. At one point, Sabine McGettin came by, and danced on stage with two other ladies.

The event of the evening was the "bronzing," or donating to the active teams with smaller totals until their amounts were at least to the 10,000 Linden level it took to reach Bronze status, such as "Pirates Crew," "Team NRRA," "BattleBeast Dragons" and more. The result was a much larger list of Bronze-ranked teams, over sixty in total. The dancing and music went on late into the night.

The weekend saw a number of other Relay Events, including the "Bid Me Human" by the Passionate Redheads on Friday May 11th.

Bixyl Shuftan

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