Friday, May 4, 2012

Reader Submitted: "The Us in LL"


I feel compelled to bring up the point that with all that is going on with Linden Labs there is still a point that LL has and is over looking. This being the us in LL, the customer, and we are the driving force behind LL. Case in point being LL in the effort to try to keep the momentum going has overlooked an across the board decision to put an avatar on hold for any reason. I realize this is a necessary thing in trying to hold down all the scams etc, but. This is also sweeping up many of the good and loyal customers that have been with LL for a long time, and due to only a mistake with the pass word or security question LL will not release the avatar back to its owner. I like many others fail to understand how LL can track down such interrelated detail of any avatar in its investigation that they can not come to an ascertainable fact that will link the avatar with the owner and with any and all other avatars this person may have.

For this reason I believe many are having second thoughts about spending money on inventory plus keeping money on an avatar only to have LL take it and refuse to give it back no matter how much evidence in the form of picture ID's or birth records along with real name and addresses is supplied. I for one have more than one avatar in Second Life and have one of my avatars on hold, now I am trying to decide if I want to cash out and quit or just stop spending money in SL, we are being driven out of SL and word of mouth and the stroke of pen is a slow death to anyone who will not listen to or make every effort to help in this. It has been one hell of a ride but I like many are having second thoughts about spending more money in a loser, LL support is the laughing stock of the gaming world, and will bring them down.

James in Texas

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  1. Linden Labs (LL) needs to listen to their customers in order for them to survive as a provider in the market of online virtual worlds. They can't afford not to with competitors such as Avination ( barking at their heels, learning from LL's mistakes and incorporating what they learned into their own products. LL is a business and must survive in the market by producing a product that their customers want and feel it provides for their needs. Failing this basic fact in an open market will bring a company to it's knees. Avnination provides the ability for them to gain new customers from LL by providing the ability to transfer lindens into Avination dollars so this way new customers don't have to start from scratch all over again. This is a good example of providing for a market. With LL arbitrarily suspending their customer's accounts and not releasing them will only drive their customers away and into the open arms of their competitors. Maybe LL can afford the bleeding out of their customer base but I don't think any company can afford to lose customers no matter how large they are. A good company would work hard to stop such a hemorrhaging of their financial support especially when it has the potential of becoming worse with future, unforeseen and unpredictable changes. Maybe LL should afford themselves to go back to Marketing 101 for their customer's sake.