Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Life's Ninth Birthday Begins to Take Shape

As you know the SL9B, will be an independent event in Second Life this year. You can sign up to follow the event planning and participation by going to the website: .

It is great to see that it will be a great event as usual, but this year being planned and executed by residents of Second Life. There are sign up applications available on the website and I have already signed up. Last year I was a greeter and had great fun helping all the visitors, giving out gifts, visiting parties during the week.

The time is coming fast! Get involved.

Gemma Cleanslate

Editor's note:
Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect describes the event taking place in at least ten sims, "there will be stages, resident plots, art plots, and there are plans to link to other community events across the grid," as well as a birthday cake. It was almost a month ago in which Linden Labs announced they would not be hosting an anniversary event themselves, but leaving everything in the hands of the residents.


  1. Best wishes for the celebrations ...

    ... unfortunately I'll have to close at least one of my SIMS as the education 2-year discounted extension comes to an end.

  2. If LL cannot be bothered to celebrate the event, why should we?