Friday, May 18, 2012

New LEA Exhibit, "Further Along the Path"

Noted Second Life artist Bryn Oh, creator of noted displays such as the Rabicorn series, announced a new exhibition by she and several other artist was up. A sequel to an earlier exhibit, "The Path," this one is called "Further Along the Path."

Further along the Path is an immersive project based around the exquisite corpse concept sometimes used by the Surrealists. Essentially, each artist adds to a composition in sequence. Eight artists were invited to stand upon one of eight different coloured boxes I had set up. Once all had chosen a box to stand on, a chart was rezzed which listed the order of colours which would dictate the order by which the artists would create a scene for the narrative.

So for example, if red were first on the chart then the artist standing on the red cube would begin the narrative. If blue were next then the artist on the blue cube would continue the narrative after seeing the dialogue written by the artist on the red cube who began the story. The artist who goes first composes the initial start to a narrative. They then pass on this segment to the artist next on the list. That artist would write up a continuation of the narrative and pass it on to the third artist. This would continue until reaching the eighth and final artist.

Below is the random order of artists by scene: 1-Glyph Graves, 2-paramparamm Papp, 3-Alpha Auer, 4-Bryn Oh, 5-Oberon Onmura, 6-Eupalinos Ugajin, 7-Ux Hax & romy Nayar, 8-Ub Yifu

"Further Along the Path" is located at LEA2 (178, 181, 23)

Source: Bryn Oh

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