Friday, May 18, 2012

Steelhead's Mount St. Helens Expected to Blow Today

Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega relayed to Second Life Newser that their nearby dormant volcano, Mount St. Helens was expected to erupt sometime today, "maybe twice." By some errie coincidence, it's also the birthday of Tensai Hilra. There will be a party held in honor of both the birthday and the "bewm" at 7PM SL time near the mountain. The scientists (or madboys and madgirls, depending on who you ask) assure nothing will go wrong.

The mountain is at the Steelhead St Helens sim (128, 131, 38)

(In real life, Tensai Hilra's birthday on May 18th is the date the real Mount St. Helens erupted)

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