Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Island's Anniversary Celebrations

May is Book Island's Fifth Anniversary month, and the past few days have seen some special anniversary events. On Saturday May 19th, Book Island owner Selina Greene gave a talk to an audience about the history of Book Island. She thanked Arton Tripsa for her "incredible job" on the island in creating a "warm and relaxing environment," in addition to giving credit to Bobby (Barbara) Blackcinder, Angeline Blachere, and Sandor Zabelin (Alexander M Zoltai).

Following the talk, the floor was cleared, and people began to dance, the music provided by "Pirate DJ" Izzy Upsilon, whom was also noted for short stories and poetry at the island. Besides the DJ, a few others were in pirate getup as well.

Wednesday May 23rd brought more special events, such as a "Live Writing Event" by Aianna Oh, and a dance party with singer Chandra Deed. Saturday May 26 promises more special events, with live music events at the Book Island Dance Venue at Book Island (222, 42, 22). At 2 PM is guitarist Brendan Shoreland, and 3:15 PM singer Layna Chrome.

Book Island has a long history in Second Life. At one point it was in trouble when the owner was hit with some real life problems. But it quickly bounced back and today is a thriving community of writers with several events every week.

Bixyl Shuftan

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