Saturday, May 12, 2012

Press Release: "Road Rash" Short Bus Races for RFL

SATURDAY MAY 12th FROM NOON-4 pm slt We'll be rockin out another wild and crazy event. Short Bus Races on the Beautiful Black Iron Rose sim owned by Road Rash Captain Tazzie Tuque. VERY SERIOUS FUN FOR A VERY SERIOUS REASON.

This Saturday May 12th from noon-4 pm slt, The Road Rash Team will be holding a fun filled Short Bus Race

We have a donation Kiosk that is asking for 100 Linden MINIMUM ( YES PLEASE give more if you can ) to recieve your Short Bus for the races. The Short Bus will be yours to keep. This is not a temp rez bus and you can use the same bus for the entire event. HOWEVER if you dont have 100 Linden to recieve a Short Bus and still want to donate and race. PLEASE IM TWISTMY Gears or Tazzie Tuque and we'll make sure you still get to race with us. This is not about who is rich or judgement , this is about donating what you can in the battle to see cancer DIE FOREVER. EVERY SINGLE LINDEN COUNTS

These aint no sissy buses, these little monsters are packed full of speed so bring a helmet and hangie on LOL. Of course there'll be obsticles to dodge that will slow ya down or the person behind you so buckle up... its going to be a riot. Page Up and Page Down shift your gears AND NO you will not die LOL

Each heat will last 5 Laps to complete with the top 3 overall times taking home awesome trophies created by Valen Serpente and other prizes. Top 1st place winner will also be taking home a TWISTed Screamer Hotrod made by TWISTMY Gears and NO you do not need to be present to win

We also have DJ Valen Serpente The Beast and DJ TWISTMY Gears to vibrate your eardrums as we rampage the course for a cure

PLEASE INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS, THIS IS ABOUT SERIOUS FUN FOR A VERY SERIOUS REASON. The more that join us the more fun we have and the more donations we gather to see an end to cancer. Its time this nasty ugly disease stops stealing our loved ones and causing unspeakable suffering to the ones that hold their beloveds as they slip away from us. LETS FIGHT UNITED TO SEE CANCER BECOME A EVIL WORD FROM THE PAST


Black Iron Rose (183, 116, 25)

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