Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Candy Hunt in the Pony Sims

Pony fans have a chance for some Halloween fun with an Equestrian bent.  DC the Cyberpony (death.berger) described it as "a huge multisim candy hunt. You run around the sims and click on candy, then you can use the points to get prizes." The sims involved are, "Derpyland, Trotsdale, Ponytown and Ponyvale." The event is not just for the residents of the community, but to all, "everyone is welcome."

 According to the rules, while candy can be in RP areas, it will never be on someone's private property. Each sim has a total of 420 points worth of candy on it. It ranges from 5 point lolypops, peppermint sticks are worth 10 points, hard candy is 15 points, candy corn is 20 points, and pumpkin candy is a whopping 50 points. Some sims are described as having "exclusive prizes."

Anyone with questions can contact Dash (Shurikenangel Resident).

Note, visitors heading to the pony sims may need to go to a hub area first, where one will need to pick up a HUD to be able to use a teleporter to the sims.

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