Thursday, October 9, 2014

Statistics for Summer 2014

Daniel Voyager published a list of statistics a few days ago. They show a continued slow decline of the number of sims across the Grid.

The total number of sims is 25,836, down from 26,100 from three months ago, and 26,729 from a year ago.

The total number of private estates is 18,824, down from 19,080 and 19,645.

The total number of Linden-owned sims is 7,012, down from 7,040 and 7,084.

There were a couple positives in the numbers. The number of private estates grew by 24 in August and by 1 in September. But these obviously haven't been enough to offset the overall decline.

Of the concurrency levels, they've been reaching a maximum daily peak of 52,000, down from 56,000, and a low of 28,000, down from 30,000.The median daily concurrency has gone down from 42,000 to 41,000.

Daniel noted there have been a total of 10,000 to 13,000 accounts being created every day, estimating that the 40 million mark of the total number of accounts created will occur soon. However, only a small fraction of those accounts have so far seen a second day of use.

Daniel Voyager got the statistics from the Second Life Grid Survey, and Second Life Statistical Charts.

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