Friday, October 10, 2014

Linden Labs Ceases Development of "Patterns"

On a press release yesterday, Linden Lab announced that it was stopping all work on it's sandbox game "Patterns." There will be no further development and the game will no longer be for sale. Linden Lab will no longer be keeping multiplayer functions operating, though those who bought the game will still be able to play it in single player mode okay.

Recently, Linden Lab announced that we are working on an ambitious project to create the next-generation virtual world, while we continue to improve Second Life and grow Blocksworld. As we focus on these priorities, we have ceased development for Patterns, and we will be no longer offering the game for sale.

We at Linden Lab are extremely grateful for the adventurous early players who explored the Patterns genesis release. Those who purchased the Patterns genesis release will still be able to play their copies of the game, but features relying on server connections, such as world-sharing, will not be functional.

Patterns had early promise, and while Linden Lab focuses our efforts on our other offerings, we are still evaluating the future of the Patterns technology. Interested parties are welcome to contact us with proposals.

Patterns was announced by Linden Lab in September 2012. People quickly noticed it's strong similarity to "Minecraft," though gravity played a role in the game. Linden Lab was appealing to gamers with this product in their strategy at the time to diversify it's product line. But it failed to generate much of a following or an income for Second Life.

The cancellation of Patterns by Linden Lab leaves just three operational products in it's line,"Blocksworld," "Desura," and of course Second Life.

Source: Linden Lab 

Bixyl Shuftan

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