Thursday, October 2, 2014

Relay For Life in InWorldz Passes One Million Izs Raised

About a week ago, it was announced that the Relay For Line in InWorldz had passed a milestone. It's fundraising totals for the 2014 season had passed the one million InWorldz dollars, or "Izzies," raised.

The "Relay for Life in InWorldz" webpage listed the following totals:

Team 1General AccountIz$362,427
Team 2Fashion for LifeIz$166,961
Team 3Tiny Steps for a CureIz$307,200
Team 4Tri Group TeamIz$30,811
Team 5Roleplay for LifeIz$187,693
Team 6Tsuki Mura for HopeIz$76,539
Team 7Dragons for LifeIz$8,040

Total raisedIz$1,139,671

"Izzies" are worth about half of what a Linden Dollar is worth. So while the total is smaller than the Relay for Life in Second Life, it's been growing. Last year the RFL in IW raised 325,000 InWorldz dollars (worth about 162,500 Lindens). The RFL in IW will go on to its own Relay Weekend on November 1.

This year, the Relay for Life in Second Life raised $415,422 US dollars for it's 2014 season.

Hat Tip: Daniel Voyager

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