Monday, October 13, 2014

Reader Submitted: United Federation Starfleet Pinastri Colony

UFS Pinastri Colony, home to United Federation Starfleet Headquarters and Academy. From the second one enters the parcel sounds of the hustle and bustle of StarTrek and its universe float gently through the air. Several Ships, information about them, and notecard givers that provide you about this wonderful place can be found just a few meters away from the entry point of the parcel.

The staff is not only friendly, but is also quite diverse and welcoming. Even the most inexperienced of people are welcomed to come and visit and learn more about role playing as a Starfleet member at the Academy, which is conveniently located on sim. The staff also has a policy of tolerance of all persons, which will help to calm the nerves of even the most skiddish SL Resident. The decor and build of the sim is quite easy to navigate and signs help prevent newcomers from becoming lost as they transverse the sim.

There is also a club for the more partygoing residents if you are so inclined. If you love StarTrek I personally recommend this sim.

United Federation Starfleet, UFS Pinastri Colony (25, 242, 48)

Neosordo Resident

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