Friday, October 31, 2014

Various Halloween Happenings

Second Life has no shortage of Halloween fun. There's a number of haunted houses, woods, and other locations around. But suppose you're looking for a party or some other public activity?

If you want to party with the wacky neighbors of the community the Newser office makes it's home in, the Sunweavers are having their Halloween Party at Club Cutlass. Club owner Jenni Greenfield takes to the stage to spin the scary tunes tonight in what promises to be a spook-tacular event.

6-8 PM Sunweaver Space (176, 62, 125)

Steelhead has it's own Halloween party tonight at 7PM. But that is not all. Halloween is the last day of the "Go Fish!" hunt.

At participating locations there are dead fish lying about, it is your job to find them before they stink up the place. Some are easy to find, other's you'll need therapy after you do find it. ... please get them before they really rot.

Among the places taking part in the hunt is the "Malarkey Manor" also known as "Toby's House. Located at Steelhead Harborside (100/114/24), one can drop by here to get a notecard with a list of the locations where one can find the dead fish. The Malarkey Manor has two, with the clues being, "survive to get your TROPHY" and "dig much deeper."

The Creations Dance Club, of the Creations for Parkinson's Charity group, is having a Halloween event that seems a bit more light and a bit less dark, the "Hallow Eve of Light, Happiness, and Love."

Be prepared to be amazed! You and your friends are invited to a Unique Alternative Halloween Celebration Dance. Friday, October 31st 6-8 pm SLT Let's come together to create an uplifting positive evening filled with Light, Happiness and Love. At our New Dance Club at the Etheric Center of Living Light. encourage costumes & clothing to enhance the positive energy of this evening. 12 fabulous free gifts!

The dance is from 6-8PM at Creations Park (124, 118, 4055

 The World War Two combat roleplay of New Bastogne has been getting into the Halloween antics with the invasion of zombie soldiers. How combatants began raising from the dead is unknown, some say an experiment by Nazi scientists gone horribly awry, others say a curse by a powerful witch furious with the war. Moderator Vickster Khun described the event in a notice.

Today, and tomorrow (Halloween), WWII players are permitted to play as zombies. They will be using a device that gives them greater HP than normal infantry, and will have a melee attack only. Any player using this device should be dressed as a zombie and play on Team 3. Zombies are authorized only between the hours of 5PM and 12 Midnight, SLT (PDT). On another note, you are asked to engage zombies with infantry weapons only. Have fun!

 The Zombie AO made those wearing it walk about in a stumbling, shuffling, often bent over manner. Jessicabelle Dayafter suggested those hunting the zombies on the hours they come out might be allowed some additions on their outfits that would normally make them out-of-uniform, such as a melee fighter's shoulder guard.

Those whom aren't yet in the combat roleplay, but are interested in taking part can head to read about the rules and get some starter gear at New Bastogne (117/156/37). Please take heed of the rules and listen to the moderators.

Luskwood, which last week celebrated their 11th anniversary, is whooping it up again with their Halloween event. The Big Tree is set to have some spooky scary fun.

That's right everyone!  We're going to be haunted yet again.  Feel free to start prepping those wonderful costumes for tomorrow the tunes will rise from the grave. Expect lots of our DJ fun and feel free to let your friends know to come on down then!

The haunted fun is listed as officially starting at 7PM, but people are likely to drop by in costume at the social area much before

All this, and more awaits those who brave the darkness in Second Life on Halloween.

Trick or Treat.

Bixyl Shuftan

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