Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Perri Prinz Returns to The Vinyl

For the past several weeks up to a few days ago, Perri Prinz, the co-owner of The Vinyl Museum had taken a hiatus from Second Life. Now she's back to DJing, and Tuesday night she was once again in business as the night's DJ.

About a dozen and a half people attended that night, including Lomgren Smalls (left), whom also recently came back after a hiatus, his close to a year.

"Dr. Demento" was the theme that night, a radio personality known for playing humorous and offbeat songs and other recordings. And so Perri played a number of tunes associated with him, including "Transfusion," which was the song that helped Demento get his nickname.

The Vinyl Museum is at HV Community (67, 207, 4051), and has events every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8PM SL time

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