Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Puddle Jumper Mall Introduces a Local Builder and More

The Puddle Jumper Mall has opened a new vendor line consisting of aircraft and airport equipment manufactures. One aircraft manufacturer is our own local Jessicabelle Dayafter owner of Skunkette Aviation. Her product line consist of vintage World War II planes that was present during this years Relay for Life Air show where a rezzer was used for visitors to be allowed to fly. The rezzer has been inactive until now! You can rezz a plane and try it before you buy and is located in front of the store in the corner of taxiway and runway 34. The other aircraft manufacturer is Cloud Dancer Aviation with a wide assortment of aircraft type too numerous to list here. Flywalker Aviation Outfitters brings in a very large assortment of airport buildings, and ground equipment.

In an effort to make your shopping easier The Puddle Jumper Mall has connected with Podex Exchange and has installed an ATM. So now no need to have to leave to get money from the inworld exchange located at the Coda sim (45, 218, 61) and run the risk of running into a naturally masked ring-tailed bandit named Clumsy Cooper. Though this criminal seems to operate as well as Wild E. Coyote and the only harm he has cause is busted guts from laughter. Still the Podex Exchange system is considered one of the safest in Second Life. A telephone hotline to Cynthia Farshore the owner is installed located next to the Podex ATM by the stairs. The phone will leave messages if she is not on-line.

Speaking of stairs, it’s Halloween and the second floor has many items usable for this holiday. This includes witches hats, spell books, portals, and typing overrides that can give you that extra level above the rest.

Pacific Waters (62, 89, 31)

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