Thursday, June 16, 2016

Press Release: "Down But Not Out" Discussion at The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island

We invite you to attend the symposium and tell your friends about it. In fact, bring them along, especially if they are skeptical about the value of virtual worlds.

See below for details about the presenters and their topics, and join us on the 18th of June as we explore latest approaches in the improvement of quality of life for people with mental illness.

SATURDAY June 18, 2016
Times listed are US Pacific Daylight Time/Second Life Time.

8:30am - Brain Mechanism Linking Stress and Illness, Dr. Vanja Duric

10:00am - Understanding the Emotional Aspects of Multiple Sclerosis, Andrea Arzt

11:30am - Hippocrates Wept: Psychologically Surviving Modern Medicine During A Health Crisis, Colleen Crary, M.A. (SL: Anya Ibor)

1:00pm - The ABCs of DBT, Rienna Rieko
(DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

2:30pm - Faith and Health: Research, Clinical Applications, and Resources, Dr. Harold Koenig

4:00pm - Mental Health Outreach in Second Life: Past, Present, and Future, Dr. Tammy Fletcher (SL: Avalon Birke)

5:00pm - Poetic Reflections

6:00pm - Lifestyle Medicine and Supplementation for Mental Health and Psychiatric Disorders, Dr. Jerome Sarris

7:30pm - The National Disability Insurance Scheme - Supporting Australians Living With Mental Health Issues, Louse Dibbs and Lyn Ainsworth

Read the full press release in Extra, with more in-depth descriptions of the events and presenters.

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