Monday, June 27, 2016

SL13B Celebrations Go Out With a Bang

Sunday June 26 was the last day of the Second Life Thirteenth Birthday, or SL13B, celebrations, and all day there were events, mostly at the music stages, such as "Stage Left" shown here.

Over the weekend, a number of live musicians and DJs performed, including DJ Tantari here at the Tree Stage.

And of course one could see the many exhibits, such as this one set up by the National Space Society.

There was unfortunately a bit of sadness with the celebrating. Bewell Ormega (Todd J. Retzlaff), had passed away at age 50. He had helped with the fireworks at the SLB for five years. So in his honor at Noon SL time, there was a special fireworks show in his honor at the Cake Stage, the pyrotechnical displays of this year being his last.

And as the last hour of the celebration came, only one stage would have a performance, the Cake Stage.

Dozens of avatars gathered at the meeting point of the four sims making up the stage, "Friends do not let friends crash alone."

Byach Littlething was the DJ for this last hour while more fireworks shot off around everyone, with a variety of avatars, and a few noteable personalities among run-of-the-mill residents.

Mikati Slade, the builder of the Cake, was among those partying, as was Golan Elde.

At one point, Marianne McCann shouted, "If I may be so bold but to say, three cheers to our baker, Mikati, for the amazing cake stage!" "Hip-hip HOOOORAAAAAY MIKATI!" "Yep, she really takes the cake." "She's outdone herself this time! I adore cake stage!" "" "LOVE my Cake Hat!" "Everyone is so proud of you Mikati for all of your hard work."

"Happy Birthday, Second Life! 13 years... Simply incredible!" "Come back next year!"

And so, the official events of the SL13B are over, But this isn't quite the end. The exhibits are not scheduled to come down until July 3rd. But some exhibitors take them down a day or two or three before that, so those who were waiting to avoid the lag to see them better not wait. And there will likely be a few unofficial events, including the blowing up of the Cake Stage.

"See you next week when we blow up the cake!!!"

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Hello Bixyl! It was really great to see you at the party. SLB is a big opportunity to meet and see a lot of people and It is like a moment of a dream :D About me, I am really happy that I have join to the celebration as the "Cake Baker" this year again! Thank you for making the great report and the great article!