Friday, June 3, 2016

Reader Submitted: Frisland at Laluna Island

Across the ocean sits the beautiful Laluna Island, containing the small town of Frisland. Frisland is a phantom island in the North Atlantic. Upon arriving on the island, you are greeted by towering hillsides and gorgeous fields full of wildflowers. There are few residents in Frisland, and the town contains a few farmhouses, cabins, barns, and a church.

With summer quickly approaching, Frisland is a beautiful place to relax and take in nature.  Complete with serene fields, farm animals, and inspiring ocean views, Frisland caters to everyone. This is a moderate sim and even includes play areas for the little ones.

Take a hike, ride one of the bicycles provided, or take a picnic with your special someone this summer.  Frisland offers a tranquil place to appreciate nature and meditate. Take a stroll along the stream, admire the roaring waterfalls, walk through the gardens, or hike to the top of the hills and take in the ocean scenery.

Be sure to visit soon. It’s rumored that Frisland will be closing soon!

Britty Bee (BrittanyBee25)

*Addition* Anne Brightstar informed the Newser that the place comes down sometime on Saturday June 4

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