Monday, June 13, 2016

SL Video" Gravity Is A Mistake"

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By Haveit Neox on June 6, "Eupalinos Ugajin's 'Gravity is a Mistake' is a full sim exhibit in the virtual world of Second Life®. His sim and artwork fill the stage for a levitating experience. Included are guest artists whose pieces dot the environment. Always highly scripted, one never knows in what circumstance they will find themselves next, except for one, they will quickly discover that gravity is a mistake.

"The installation continues till the end of June 2016 on the LEA21 sim in Second Life®

"If I am able to get a full list of the participating artists, I'll post them here. As the exhibit is up for three more weeks, Eupalinos may welcome yet more artists to add their work, in which case the list grows."

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