Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reader Submitted: The SL13B - An Experience To Remember

by ClarisseJane

Each Birthday,  Second Life of Linden Lab comes with big plan of ideas calling all Second Life creators, performers, coordinators and greeters to join on the weeklong celebration.

I remember last year where I applied as a greeter despite a fact that I was busy as a hostess on one of prestigious and oldest ballrooms in Second Life, I almost did not make it, when I lodged on 2nd to the last greeter training.  This year I prepared myself, I applied once again two months ahead of June, monitored it every day, and went on first training schedule. It was quite a heartfelt happiness for me.

When the opening of Second Life 13th Birthday (SL 13B) hits the date June 19 noon time, it  comes with a blast of parties. I pop on the Pirate Ship - The Welcome Area. I did not have the time to question how the ship looks like at first, when Treacle Darlandes (Greeter Lead) came after a few seconds to monitor us greeters at the welcome area. I was open mouthed when the Greeter Lead asked me if I am doing fine. I said “oh my gosh Treacle chats with me.” I was star-strucked first time. I managed to get back my composure quick and answered her right away said “all is perfectly fine.”

Then on my third day as greeter, I tried to explore the hype SL 13B Celebration. I went to visit first the Left Stage, when I saw there was only one Stage Coordinator, and no hostess.. I decided to postpone my tour and stayed. The party started with quite a few guests around, less than ten with the DJ playing house genre. Then slowly, it started.. a lot came, some are flying over and others just walk all through the long lines of big scattered papers on the ground until they reached the Left Stage. One person said that he tried to take a walk exercising his legs through it all, and all smiled at him.

All of a sudden, more stage coordinators came making it to three, Catboy Qunhua (Welcome Area Builder) came, Clocke52 (Stage Left Lead) rushed in, Sullybaby Gomez (Exhibit Assistant Lead) landed all smiles. I said, “oh oh my gosh Celebrities” as I was star-strucked again.

On the last day, June 26, just a few minutes before the last party ends, I went to the SL 13B Cake Stage. No one can stop me now I said, and believe it or not, all the main staff of SL 13B Celebration are all there except Catboy, were all accounted for. Seeing all the Staff and Sponsors for making SL 13B Celebration amazed me. I may not had experienced this last year but this time I am full of joy, as if my whole day is complete, as it made me aware that all the guests on the Cake Stage, are all present for making SL 13B Celebration a BIG SUCCESS.

I thank Second Life for this experience, a truly worth an experience to remember.. as the theme says it all.. A Shared Adventure to recall a few years from now.

Gently I turned around, the fire works display is still an hour to go, I went back to see the Left Stage to take remembrance photos. When I glance around where snapshots drop by drop went on, I saw the Editor of SLNewser (which is another story) and smiled full of glee.


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