Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Last Day For Three Sunbeamer "Bid Me" Fundraiders

With the total amount raised by team Sunbeamers for the Relay of Life now having past 200K, currently at 205,836 (as of the writing of this article, the team is making progress towards it's goal of Gold Level. For those who want to help out today is the last day for the current three "Bid Me" events going on, Rose Evans' "Bid Me Human," Becky "Sha" Shamen's "Bid Me Bald," and Rita Mariner's "Bid Me Pink."

All three "Bid Me"s have generated heavy interest, with Rose's over 10K and Becky's over 15K. But the one for the Sunbeamer leader has gotten almost as much as these two combined with 25,000 Lindens to keep her as is, and 9740 to dye her. On Monday, Rita had the following group announcement:

For those of you wanting to turn me PINK< 16K Lindens will do it, unless some folks drop a few lindens on the other kiosk, but the sweet taste of PINK is within your grasp and I will be stuck PINK for 6 WEEKS!  GAH!  THE HORROR!  of course I can switch various avatars and clothes as long as I remain PINK!  That might help me maintain some sanity!

Fifteen thousand Lindens is no small change. But if the history of the Sunbeamers, and the Passionate Redheads before them, is any guide, they can do it. It may take some appealing to Relayers outside the team to help arrange the "Bubblegum Crisis," but they can do it.

And for anyone who's worrying about messing with the "killer rabbit's" head, you can throw in a "Zootopia" DVD to calm her down.

Club Cutlass is at Sunweaver Bay (115, 107, 157) with the kiosks in the lobby behind the dance floor and DJ booth.

* * * * *

Besides the "Bid Me" fundraisers, there have been some other events the Sunbeamers have been involved in. On Friday May 27, the team held a small "Jail and Bail," with Valkyrie "Ice" McGill, and Applebloom (jeanettedjennet) in the cages, "Help!! I was framed!" Skylark Lefavre, playing the part of the jailer, stated the charges were that Applebloom "Busted a groove," and Valkyrie "busted out of her bra" in a G-rated sim, thus under arrest for "indecent exposure." Others present there included Alleara Snoodle.

Eventually, the time was up, and the prisoners were released. But there was a complication when Skylark accidentally locked herself in, and had forgotten the key. After a few minutes of chuckling, someone finally let her out.

Two days later on Sunday May 29. there was a multi-team fishing tournament. The event involved 7Seas fishing poles, but to give everyone an equal chance, the hooks had to remain unbaited. A number of Sunbeamers showed up for the event. The winners of each match got some cash to donate to their team.

The Sunbeamers got first place in two matches, one winner being Rita Mariner, the other being Dusk Griswold. Zorro Wuramunga, the Sunbeamer most noted for his love of fishing wasn't there until late.

The Sunbeamers have also been dropping by other Relay events. So the little community team is determined to make a big presence as the Relay goes on.

Bixyl Shuftan

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