Saturday, June 25, 2016

SL Video: "Caledon the Musical"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Oolon Sputnik on Sept 2008, "Caledon the Musical, in aid of Relay for Life '08, from the Independent State of Caledon and Caledon Studios, Second Life. Raising over L$100,000 in the fight against cancer, the good people of Caledon donated money to be in this machinima.

"In total, in '08, the fine folks of Caledon raised L$3,000,000 for Relay for Life.

"Hopefully this film showcases some of the amazing sims in Caledon and the amazing variety of smashing people. This is filmed at peoples properties and at assorted locations around the steampunk Victorian sims.

"May I just tip my hat, one more time, to the good peoples of Caledon and the Caledon RFL Team '08, without whom this wouldn't have been possible.

"Yes, apologies, some parts of this are a bit rough and ready, but when shooting so many shots with so many avatars one has to take the frame rate that's available at the time. As this was for charity, from every group of shots at least one of each group made it into the final edit. Also, being machinima, it has suffered somewhat from recompression issues during upload to YouTube. A better rez version is available for download at just pop in the code and there's one on Vimo at"

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