Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trump Manor, HQ, and Wall Gone, Hillary HQ Up

The US Presidential Election has gone through no shortage of twists and turns in real life, and so it has in Second Life as well. A fan of the Republican candidate Donald Trump set up a "Trump Manor," in Lionheart Ahadi, followed soon by a "Trump HQ." Likewise. fans of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders set up two locations of their own, the "Sanders HQ" in Caspoli and "Feel the Bern" in Young. Some people in the Trump HQ group bought some land next to the Sanders HQ and erected a tall slab of concrete called the "Trump Wall" towering over it, which they called a prank while the Sanders supporters called griefing. Both side claimed to have been harassed by griefers, the Sanders groups accusing the Trump group of being behind some of it.

In the latest twist, the Trump Manor, and Trump HQ in Lionheart and the Trump Wall in Caspoli have disappeared, at least from their former locations. In the place of the former two was a new headquarters for supporters of the leading candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Candace Larganta (candacelarganta) is the owner of the new build in the location.

The location is decorated with red white and blue decorations all around, and has a number of American flags. And there's no shortage of campaign signs for Clinton all around both the building and the fence around it. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a small radiant fairy with the caption "Let's keep fighting!" over her. Going through the front door, one passes through a room with a white wall with pro-Hillary colored drawings. The interior resembles a school gym area, with seating on the sides for crowds and on the floor a huge "I'm Ready for Hillary" sign. There was a small kitchen room to the side (maybe for baking cookies and brewing tea). When I got there, there were only three avatars there, and one left without saying anything soon after. The remaining two, a robot and a small airship flying in the air, were likely bots.

Not everyone in the neighborhood seemed happy to see the new political HQ. One place called "The Love Shack" had a huge "Bernie 2016" sign over the roof, with a "Hillary: For Prison" sign on the side of the building. Hamlet Au had a few words with it's owner, Psyclonis Draconia, who explained that the Sanders sign up had been put up while the Trump HQ was still around, and they had moved out on their own to another location.

Checking out the Caspoli sim, I found the Trump Wall was gone. What was there was a wall of stone around the Sanders area with a huge "Bernie 2016" sign. The Trump Wall had been replaced by the Bennie Wall.

Both Candace and the owner of the Trump HQ JP Laszlo were unavailable for comment. While JP had the location of a new location on her profile, the sim was blocked from my trying to enter. But I did find an old message from Dirk Klees, the owner of the Lionheart Estates from when I asked earlier about the Trump Manor. He had stated, "I have no point of view about this location. We're a land provider, they are customers like everyone else, and happen to own land here. That's about it. We have/had many different political and religious themed landowner's projects on these sims. Neither do we care, discriminate or get involved with people's political or religious views."

As of the writing of this article, the last state Democratic primaries have taken place. With 2383 delegates needed to win, Clinton has 1926 pledged delegates and the support of 571 unpledged or "superdelagates" whom have stated their intentions to support Clinton, for a total of 2497. Sanders has a total of 1615 pledged delegates with the support of just 48 superdelagates for a total of 1663. While some Berners are insisting the race for the nomination isn't over yet, Hillary Clinton has declared victory, and most mainstream news sources have declared her the winner of the Democratic nomination race.

For those wishing to visit the Clinton HQ, it is at Lionheart Ahadi (151/7/28).

Sources: New World Notes, BBC

Bixyl Shuftan

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