Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review of "Brain Mechanism Linking Stress and Illness" at Virtual Ability

Gentle Heron started the Virtual Ability's 2016 Mental Health Symposium with a warm welcome and an introduction to nine presentations.  She then turned the podium over to the first introducer, PedroLevy Indigo.  PedroLevy Indigo introduced himself and explained that he was diagnosed in 1999 as a carrier of Bipolar Disorder.  PedroLevy also explained that he is trying to cope with the new drugs as the old ones do not have effect on his brain. 

PedroLevy then introduced us to Dr. Vanja Duric.  Dr. Duric is an Assistant Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Des Moines University in Iowa, USA.  Dr. Duric started the session wtih explaining what stress is.  He explained that there are several different types of stress.  Dr. Duric went into details about the neurological and psychiatric disorders.  He talked about depression and people in chornic pain.  He did add something positive.  "On a positive note, there is some hope in treatment of depression." said Dr. Duric.  He talked about Ketamine, the new antidepressant. 

When the session was over, Dr. Duric did his best in answering some questions.  He did leave the contact information.  That way, if any one of us want further information, he can be contacted.


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