Friday, June 17, 2016

Sunweaver Community Leader Pink For Three Weeks After RFL "Bid Me" Results

Last week, Rita Mariner, the leader of both the Sunweaver community and it's Relay for Life team the Sunbeamers, gave the earlier Bid Me Pink fundraiser on her a second chance, promising not to stack the deck by donating to the default kiosks to encourage more donations. On the night of June 15, the results were in at 7:45PM: 6000 Lindens had been donated to keep her as is, while 15,454 voted for pink. So Rita would be a "bubblegum bunny."

So per my agreement, I will be PINK for 3 Weeks starting JUNE 15th.  I was PINK all thru the day, so I was true to my word.

Rita got a few complements that night at Club Cutlass, "Pink looks very good on you." Rita snorted, "You all are ebil, you know that." She later stated on week two, she would switch to a "Fluttershy" anthro pony, and on week three a "Babs Bunny" avatar, "Do you want my ears up or down?"

it's notable Rita's pink dress has a number of mallet images around the skirt. A less than subtle reminder she still dislikes pink maybe?

As of the writing of this brief, Team Sunbeamers have raised 335,500 Lindens this year, the 21st highest ranked team in terms of donations of over 150 registered.

Go Relay!

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