Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SL13B Update

Only twelve days remain until the Second Life Thirteenth Birthday celebrations begin. And as the days go by, the seventeen sims making up the area for the event continue to take shape, as do the stages and exhibits by various communities, venues, businesses, and groups.

Silvia Ametza whom along with  Aimeelou Destiny, has been at work building the Second Life Newser's exhibit for this year. The build will be in SL13B Electrify.

For those wondering where the birthday area is on the Second Life map, it's just south of the Social and most of the Learning Islands, with the atoll continent Heterocera to the southwest.

By June 10, the last of those approved to perform events at the SL13B should have been notified. The exhibitors have until the 15th to work on their builds, at which time they will be closed until Friday June 17 for inspections. Then the builders have until Saturday June 18 to make adjustments, June 18 also being Press Day. The celebration begins on Sunday June 19 when the sims are open to all, the official birthday being on Thursday June 23. The official events go on until late Sunday night on June 26. The sims will still be open to the public, such as those wanting to see the builds without the lag, until July 3.

(Click here if the video fails to play)

Chic Aeon made this video of the SL13B on May 27, "A behind the scenes look at the beginning builds for "The Shared Adventure"

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks and more updates in the days ahead.

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