Monday, June 20, 2016

Victorian Clothing For Second Life by Zan

By Grease Coakes

Zantyago Mannonen a badger/goat in Second has an excellent shop with a historic twist. Victorian and steampunk themes are a neat niche here on the grid. And Zanty's place at Port Babbage (77/217/106) is an excellent place to shop if tea parties and brass are your thing in spring.

The owner himself looks very dapper with a cane. Zanty doesn't rely on pre-made textures. For his suits and dresses, he uses a program to create mesh called 3ds Max. He also made the radio in the corner to add more atmosphere to his small shop. The wall itself looks retro as plain bricks. He gave me a free sample of his suit. I must say it looks rather dashing on me. Even in my mutant retro avatar It looks good. Zantyago does do custom work and he's willing to give out discounts if you spread word about his business/shop to others. He's now adding furry boots to those who don't like to hoof it barehooved or pawed.

I asked Zanty what he likes about Victorian clothing and he had this to say, "I love the aesthetics. And Steampunk is Victorian but can be more playful and creative, I don't have to be a carbon copy." He also added, "I still think that for something to be Steampunk, should reference Victorian stuff and (unless given context) not to be too  revealing." He believes strongly in temperance and modesty, "basically not being an all out animal, and the meaning of animal in this context is up to you."

You can also check out his suits and dresses on the SL marketplace here:

I asked him how much he would charge for a custom job as he answered Zantyago Mannonen: custom is much more expensive about 10k and up,  or a big chunk of the earnings if its intended for commercial use. I agreed on a pilot suit for 16k. 10k sounds about $40 worth in US dollars.

Be prepared to save and save ether linden or the real life currency to buy the job.If you ever want a new look or style for your SL avatar by all means visit Zantyago Mannonen at his shop Zan's. He has attire for both sexes. And he does excellent custom work. Just be sure to tell him Grease Coakes sent you

Grease Coakes

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