Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Announcement: This Week at the Science Circle

Thursday,  June 23th  8 AM PDT
"Thoughts on an Educator Specific Orientation in SL"
Presentation by Greg Perrier    

There is need for an orientation specific for people who wish to conduct educational activities in Second Life (SL). One of the main obstacles to educators becoming active in SL is the steep learning curve needed to feel proficient enough to work with students in world. Making this process easier is one way to increase educator participation in SL.

In addition, through both experience and studies we have greatly improved our understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of education in a virtual world environment.

These lessons need to be gathered and shared so mistakes are not repeated and successes can be further advanced.

Medium: Presentation in Voice, supplemented by text chat. Discussion in text chat.

Greg Perrier, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology


The Science Circle (139/206/95)


Saturday, June 25th  10 AM PDT                  

"Nitric oxide: A little goes a long way."
By Dr. Michael J. Shaw – Shawza Tunwarm   

Abstract: The small diatomic molecule NO is a reactive species  In the presence of air, it converts to NO2 and normally does not persist in high concentrations.  It is a key player in processes that generate ground level ozone in smog, may affect the ozone layer, yet plays a vital physiological role as a neurotransmitter and in blood-pressure regulation.  This talk will introduce bonding concepts in NO and in metal-NO species, will explore atmospheric chemistry, and will describe the key enzymatic players in the generation, detection and management of nitric oxide in living systems.

The Science Circle (114/206/30)

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