Monday, June 13, 2016

RFL ACTS Tiny Dance at New Toulhouse

Besides the Sunbeamer Air Show in Pacific Waters, there were other Relay for Life events this weekend. Among them, the Aether Chrononauts and Tiny Steps (or ACTS) party at Red Drum Place, New Toulhouse. The event took place from Noon to 2PM SL time.

Although aimed at those in Tiny avatars, everyone whom was decently dressed was invited to come over. Among them, New Toulhouse's mayor Henri Godenot,  Avariel Falcon the Relay's Dark Unicorn, and OldeSoul Eldemar, who was in a Tiny av himself.

Besides the tiny dances, which are actually for older tiny avatars as the newer "Dinkies" can use regular ones, there was a couples poseball rezzer for "biggie" avies, which tinies often call human and furred avs. Besides dancing, one could have a seat at the bar, which had a cutout of the late Shady Fox, whom is fondly remembered by the Tiny community of Raglan. The dance floor itself was covered with a large image of a waffle, of which Tinies have a reputation for having a great love for and being an endless source of comments by them.

Manfred Hancroft was in charge of the music, which included a few modern day songs given a Steampunkish twist via being sung as a singer of the late 19th Century or early 20th century might. At one point came the "Thong Song" that when sung like someone from Vaudeville was singing it drew no shortage of chuckles. When I suggested the song was an odd choice for two reasons, the other being I'd never seen a Tiny in a thong, someone mused, "I could do it Bixyl. I mean I did make kajira silks for Tinies when we went to a Gorean event." The result was lots of laughter from both Tinies and normal-sized avies alike.

Pieni, one of those at the party, would post a number of pictures on her blog (here).

Aether Chrononauts and Tiny Steps is a Platinum Level team that so far has raised almost 790,000 Linden dollars. Their blog is at .

Bixyl Shuftan

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