Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two Exhibits From the SL13B: Dungeons and Knightmares and Mad Monster Mountain

There's a number of great exhibits at the SL13B, but there were a couple I was looking forward to trying out. Loki Elliot, the head of the Second Life Goonies, can always be counted on having something interesting at a Second Life Birthday event. It was on a larger plot than most exhibits, but it has to be to hold all the detail.

Loki's exhibit was a game which was a tribute to the British TV show "Knightmare." In the TV show, a team of four youngsters would try to complete a quest in a computer-generated dungeon, one acting as the dungeoneer, who wore a helmet that covered his eyes, and three "guides" who observed their comrade in the simulated dungeon via a TV screen. The Second Life version was somewhat different in that you could see what your avatar was doing. But otherwise it held the spirit of the show.

The helmet was necessary as it provided a Heads-Up Display whenever entering a new area. The first puzzle was simple enough, but one needed the help of a fellow adventurer to get through it. After that come puzzles that need the player to guess the right answer, and challenges that require the player to do a bit of navigating. At least one more puzzle requires the help of another player. Following the finishing of the last room, the player gets a small prize.

You can see the first episode of the TV show (here). While not necessary to play the game, it does show a little about what it took in the late 80s and early 90s to make a virtual experience.

Loki's exhibit is at SL13 Beguile (150, 126, 24)

Elsewhere at the SL13B was "Mad Monster Mountain," an exhibit by the gaming area and group "Madpea," headed by Kiana Writer. Here, they had a haunted amusement park ride. For it to run properly, one had to give permissions to have your avatar acted upon. Then the car would take you in and take you through many chills and scares, at one point a doll-like voice singing "It's a mad world after all ... "

There's no prize here, other than simple scary fun.

(Click here to see the video)

Mad Monster Mountain is at SL13B Spellbound (171, 138, 21)

Bixyl Shuftan

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