Saturday, June 4, 2016

Two Relay Events Today: Circus and Surf for Life

Circus Event

3-4 pm SLT Russell Eponym Live ~ Circus Venue

4-5 pm slt AM Quar live ~ Circus Venue

5-6 pm slt Maximillion Kleene @ Two Moon Paradise ~ Circus Venue

                            6 PM SLT Dunking for RFL event 

come and dunk us
Random Darrow
Gem Sunkiller
Shiran Sabra

* * * * *


It's a day of Surfing & Music at SuRForLIfe.

Saturday June 4
9am - 9pm SLT

Brought to you by SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association), the ASA (Aussie Surfing Association), and The Relay Rockers.

The day's big event -BIG Kahuna Fundraising Competition and Surf Competition
Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart Tribute Band at 2pm SLT

Slip on your beach ware, grab a towel or a surf board and head on over for a fun day at the beach.
Surfers can still register

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