Friday, August 26, 2016

Announcement: Free Dance Lessons at LEA1

Dances in Real Life offer Free Dance Lessons; Dances in Second Life should too!

The essence of our Dance 101 class is to recreate that same social experience, educational experience, and just plain fun experience.   Our class is self-guided 24x7, but the real fun comes with our Live Instructor classes.

New LIVE INSTRUCTOR Dance Classes have been scheduled at LEA1 for Thursday, September 1, at 7PM SL time, Tuesday Sept. 6 at 2PM SLT, and Monday Sept. 12 SLT.  They will be held at our 1940s themed venue, CP Swing, located in the heart of Swing City - our 1940s themed city within LEA1.

These FREE Dance Classes have a new LIVE class format featuring two songs per dance, and an additional break between songs to allow for costume changes.  We have been delighted to see some of our participants wanting to change costumes along with the instructors, which has added a new dimension to the class experience.   Come learn six of the most popular dances in SL, meet new people, and dance with them!

While you are here, be sure to check out our other exhibits.  Jardines de Baile offers a Dance 101 classroom next to Club Nocturno, recreating a Mexican seaside resort experience.  Gardens Park provides a beautiful setting to practice your dances.  And our Education Center provides an overview of our mission and vision, and what went into creating our LEA1 venues.

CP SWING 40's-Era Dance Hall, in Swing City - LEA1 (65, 71, 25)
Clase de Baile, at Club Nocturno (Jardines de Baile)  - LEA1 (84, 221, 22)

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