Friday, August 5, 2016

Press Release: Burn2 OctoBurn - Da Vinci's Workshop - Octover 15-23, 2016

"Welcome Home"

We are so excited! Planning for the Big Burn we've all been waiting for is now getting well underway. As is often our custom, we follow the theme that Burning Man announces, and this year it is "Da Vinci's Workshop."  You can read the full description of the theme as written by Larry Harvey and Stuart Mangrum at Burning Man's Website.

We had a poster contest and the posters were all so good that four winners were selected rather than just one, shown below. We will use all four posters for distributing the news inworld and online.

More Burnin' News

The plot sale opened Sunday the 17th of July and plots are being reserved. Plottery and Juried Art camp applications are coming in. It’s really going to happen! Support BURN2 and reserve YOUR plot! Can’t buy one? Apply for a Plottery plot, or take on the creative challenge and apply to be a juried camp artist at Octoburn! Note: These plots will be in limited supply, however...
Now then, all you primslingers and meshers, script wizards and graphics imagineers: Get inspired by visions of Renaissance ingenuity, Medieval machinery and the artistic, eclectic, multi-gifted genius of the great Leonardo da Vinci, and bring those creations to the virtually dusty playa - come in world and get your plot reserved as soon as you can!

A Call for Volunteers
Teams are forming up, leads will be identified, and we will need volunteers to help with greeting, building, creating, performing, dancing, and sharing the news about the happenings on the virtual playa! If you think you might be interested in joining us in a lead, co-lead or key role capacity, be sure and fill out the BURN2 Application for Key Roles form. We’ll be in touch right quick. If you don’t want to be a lead but you do want to help out, fill out the volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will help get you started!

While We Wait...We Ain't Waiting!
We’re not just sitting back and twiddling our thumbs. We are planning all sorts of fun little things to do together. Watch for notices in the BurningMan 2.0 group - be sure you’re in that group! - and join in with your fellow Burners to participate, collaborate and just plain celebrate the fact that we are Burners!

Then, when the sims come in, let the building begin! Burn On!

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