Friday, August 12, 2016

Treasure Quest

There's a new HUD-based game in Second Life, "Treasure Quest." For those playing, it means a little fun gaming and a little cash to be won. For land owners taking part, it means more traffic on their land. MajikVixen decided to take a look at the game, and wrote about what she found.

Read Majik's article in Design.


  1. Treasure Quest is a Closed system, meaning you have to be in their group to play. You can hunt all you want but when you go to Cash out at the ATM, you get a message saying you must wear your group tag to withdraw funds. There is no way to join their group and if you ask for a group invite they ignore you and in some cases just ban you without a reason.

  2. I had left Treasure Quest after becoming ill in real and not going on to Second Life. Was not sure if I would return, but eventually I did. I still had the hud and sent the admin a request to rejoin group. The admin said the owner was not online but as soon as she was, she would ask her then let me know. So during the day I collected coins, thinking i would be accepted back in as I had never broken any of the rules before. At one stage I was collecting coins and a dash suddenly happened while I was there. So I collected a few coins, and later the owner contacted me and said I had cheated and tp'd there. I said No, just check the time I was there before the dash started and she called me a liar. I then got banned. I couldnt collect the lindens I had earned during the day because you need the group tag to withdraw it from the ATM. I have been banned until 2030. I honestly think that the group will not even exist then. The linden is not actually important, but the fact I have been called a liar is just disgusting. Many of my friends have had the same problem, basically banned for no reason.