Friday, August 12, 2016

Treasure Quest

There's a new HUD-based game in Second Life, "Treasure Quest." For those playing, it means a little fun gaming and a little cash to be won. For land owners taking part, it means more traffic on their land. MajikVixen decided to take a look at the game, and wrote about what she found.

Read Majik's article in Design.


  1. Treasure Quest is a Closed system, meaning you have to be in their group to play. You can hunt all you want but when you go to Cash out at the ATM, you get a message saying you must wear your group tag to withdraw funds. There is no way to join their group and if you ask for a group invite they ignore you and in some cases just ban you without a reason.

  2. I had left Treasure Quest after becoming ill in real and not going on to Second Life. Was not sure if I would return, but eventually I did. I still had the hud and sent the admin a request to rejoin group. The admin said the owner was not online but as soon as she was, she would ask her then let me know. So during the day I collected coins, thinking i would be accepted back in as I had never broken any of the rules before. At one stage I was collecting coins and a dash suddenly happened while I was there. So I collected a few coins, and later the owner contacted me and said I had cheated and tp'd there. I said No, just check the time I was there before the dash started and she called me a liar. I then got banned. I couldnt collect the lindens I had earned during the day because you need the group tag to withdraw it from the ATM. I have been banned until 2030. I honestly think that the group will not even exist then. The linden is not actually important, but the fact I have been called a liar is just disgusting. Many of my friends have had the same problem, basically banned for no reason.

  3. I was always faithful to Treasure quest. Any coins I collected went straight back into the game. I never spent anything on myself. One little mistake on my behalf and the admin was very rude to me, considering I thought we were friends, there was no need. I always only showed kindness in the group, was a happy part of it, always said thank you for any coins, any dashes, any megas. I always got on well with the owner, but due to the admins rudeness I left the group. I also do not agree with someone keeping your im's then using them against you. It is against the TOS but that does not seem to count when they are doing it. So be wary out there, one tiny thing and the people you thought of as friends will stab you in the back. Obviously someone has got a God complex! There are other hunt games on there, where the rules are not over the top, find them, and keep your second life away from the Drama