Friday, August 19, 2016

Announcement: The Science Circle - “Science in the News: Exciting Things Are Happening!”

By Phil Youngblood

A century ago some noted scientists proclaimed that there was nothing more to discover. How wrong they were! It was not long after that we discovered atoms are made of smaller particles, the universe was enormous and expanding, and there were strange forces and ‘laws’ of physics that were needed to explain the worlds of the very small and very large.

Today we continue to make discoveries that humble us because they show just how little we know about ourselves, our world, and worlds beyond ours. Yet even what little we know is powerful, and applying what we know can make changes on an unprecedented scale, so we must together make decisions that will affect everyone’s future.

We live in exciting times! Come learn about and discuss recent discoveries, what we are doing with what we learn, and the ramifications of our actions, all of which continue to make science such a relevant and fascinating study both today and in the future.

The Science Circle (114/206/30)

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