Monday, August 22, 2016

Creations for Parkinson's

Becky Shamen's latest journey took her to a spot that has been mentioned a number of times in the Newser, but seldom described in great detail: Creations for Parkinson's. Noted for it's inspiring tale of being originally built by Barbie Alchemi for her real-life mother Fran Seranade to help her with her Parkinson's, the place has over time grown in size from it's original sim and it's purpose, now helping to raise funds for Team Fox: the Parkinson's charity founded by Michael J. Fox. Activities go on there several times a week, once where a blind DJ was playing music for some. But what about the sims themselves, the ground levels and the higher levels up above? Becky Shamen visited, and found them so stunning that before she knew it it was way past Midnight and had to continue her explorations the next day, and the day after that.

Read Becky's article in Places.

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