Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Project Sansar to Go Public in January 2017, Ebbe Linden States In Interview

More than two years since it's development was first announced, Ebbe Linden is confident enough about Project Sansar's development that he announced a date for when it will be fully available for the general public: January 2017.

Ebbe gave the date in an interview with Donnie SC Lygonis. He stated a few months ago in testing, Sansar had a high "discomfort rating." But since then, it's improved. Ebbe also repeated that the Lab plans to invite in an additional number of testers, by invitation only, later this August.

So it seems after about two and a half years, people will finally be able to set foot in the virtual world.

For the Podcast with the interview: Click here .

*Addition* Listening to the video, Ebbe Linden described the decision to start work on a new virtual world as their response to Second Life's slowly declining user base. They had been trying to do something about it for a while, and after Ebbe came in they concluded the best thing to do was to work on something entirely new.

Sources: Daniel Voyager, Jo Yardley

Bixyl Shuftan

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