Saturday, August 27, 2016

Announcement: This Weekend's Festival at Roma

Saturday, 27th August
10am - Nemoralia Ritual & Fantasy Costume Contest
This month's festivals begin with a ritual for Diana & Trivia (Hecate, to you Greeks) honouring these Goddesses of the wild and the darkness. After the ritual, we'll be having a party with dancing, music, and a costume contest -- the costume theme is Woodland Fantasy Creatures, and the prize is $L1000 for the winner!
Transtiberim (106, 29, 30)

12pm - Nemoralia Treasure Hunt
Diana and Trivia have scattered treasure across ROMA Transtiberim for Their faithful worshippers to find! Come join us in seeking to discover the hidden bounty! Finding yourself in need of a few Linden? Perhaps the Goddesses will provide! Come hunt with us and fill your purses!
Transtiberim (58, 34, 45)

1pm - Vinalia Rustica Gacha Party
The ancient Vinalia Rustica was a celebration of the grape and the fruits of the Earth - and we'll be gathering together to drink and swap/sell all our extra gacha items! Do you have unwanted gachas cluttering your inventory? Here's your chance to get rid of them, and pick up some new swag in the process. We can't guarantee your inventory will be lighter afterward, but at least you'll have new things to treasure!
ROMA Vinovium (93, 114, 24)


Sunday, 28th August
10am - Vulcanalia Ritual & Build Contest
Our second day of festivals begins with a ritual to honour Vulcan, the God of the Forge, and asking His blessing on all our crafts. Since He was also the God of Volcanos and fire, we will also have a building contest -- The theme is Metalcraft, and you can create anything which fits within that limit: weapons, silver tea service, jewelry, even artistic works reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower! All contestants will have 1 hour to build, and all are welcome, regardless of building skill-level!
ROMA Vinovium (35, 138, 4020)

12pm -  The Fires in the Night Grand Feast
Our festivals begin to wind down with the Grand Feast in honour of Diana, Trivia, and Vulcan - come dance with us as the flames flare into the night! Live music by FrankLee Anatra -- don't miss it!

ROMA Transtiberim (199, 194, 29)

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