Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"The Lost Gardens of Apollo" Has Returned, "Historic Build" Under Lindens

More good news. For the second time in less than two weeks, another admired lost sim has returned to the Second Life Grid. This time it's "The Lost Gardens of Apollo," built in 2005 by Dane Zander, it had been a well designed and picturesque build, with a number of spots where couples could relax, and a platform they could dance or watch the sunrise or sunset. It closed in June 2011 when Zander could no longer support it. In May of this year, a tribute sim was made by Delphi Bernard. While it wasn't Zander's creation, it was an excellent and well-done build based on his style. But now, the sim really is back.

Anne Brightstar had informed me that the sim was back, referencing an article by Shin Klaar. The sim was listed as being under Mogura Linden, the same Linden who is listed as the owner of Mont Saint Michel, the picturesque build of a real life historic structure that vanished in September and was brought back by the Lab a little more than a week ago. The name of the place has changed a little. It is now called "The Lost Gardens of Apollo Historic Build."

This is different from the previous times Linden Lab has brought back a vanished area. The most obvious difference, they've done so a lot faster since the previous time. With Svarga, the sim was brought back months after it's closing. With the SS Galaxy and Mont Saint Michael, the places returned weeks after their vanishing. More than five years have passed since the passing of the Gardens.

Did Linden Lab decide maybe it was time to bring back some of Second Life's popular lost sims under a kind of preservation program, which has been suggested in the recent past by the Newser? If so, could we soon expect to see even more lost treasures to appear? Or perhaps a fan of the Lost Gardens spoke or did the right thing at the right time and got things finally rolling?

In any event, this beautiful sim is back, and once again people can come again and enjoy it.

Thank you again, Linden Lab.

Lost Gardens of Apollo (173, 120, 25)

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I hope they got Dane Zanders permission. I been a little worried about him. Would be nice to hear he had some say so in the matter

  2. with all the changes to gambling and many other things it gets harder and harder to make lindens in sl therefore making it harder for people to fund a lot of great sim creations,, times have really changed, in world businesses suffer as well.. sad really because sl is truly an amazing place

  3. I just got a message from Dane Hi Racer! I am here now, I only just heard about it. I am pretty shocked lol. I had no idea. I'll have to ask LL what is going on. Thanks for the heads up though! I hope you are well! :)

  4. Thes starax sculptures aren't there, so maybe he had no say in it?