Friday, November 4, 2016

Second Life Newser Nominated By Avi Choice Awards For Favorite Newspaper

A month and a half ago, Avi Choice started accepting submissions for nominations for their Last Avi Choice Awards. Last night, they informed the Newser that it had been chosen as one of the nominees. The newsletter had been nominated for "Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical."

Congratulations!  You have been nominated for an Avi Choice Award!  For the past few weeks Second Life residents have been submitting nominations, for the SLife, Fashion ad Arts categories, via the Avi Choice website.  After a process of consolidation, you are a finalist and eligible for voting.

"Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical" falls into Avi Choice's category "The Arts." To vote for us, just (Click here) and go to the first part and click next to Second Life Newser.

There are many other selections to vote for such as favorite radio station, favorite DJ, favorite store, favorite annual event, etc. So you may want to browse through the whole list, as well as "Fashion" and "SLife."  Voting ends on Nov. 28th at 5PM SL time. Voting is limited to one vote per avatar.

This year's Avi Choice Awards are planned to be the final one after taking place every year for several years. This final show will happen on Dec 4, 2016 at 1PM SL time.

The Newser has been nominated twice before for the Avi Choice awards, in 2012, and 2015.

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