Friday, November 25, 2016

Announcement: RFL Christmas Expo - Winter Writing Contest

Join us on a literary journey this Christmas Expo with the Winter Writing Contest. The contest will feature two branches- Poetry and Story-Telling. You are invited to write a small story or poem within a Winter theme that may relate to your experience with cancer. You may choose to write about a survivor, a journey of treatment, a memorial to a loved and lost one, or whatever your heart and fingers tell you to express.

Please read the rules carefully and tick the box at the bottom indicating you have agreed to them.


1. We ask that you try to keep your piece of poetry or prose to 750 words or less.

2. Submissions must be submitted on a full-permissions notecard to Cuddly Waffle on or before November 29th.

3. We will require permission to display your work on the sims at the Christmas Expo. They will be dispensed as no-modify notecards. If you'd like to include an image to be displayed with your submission, please attach a full perm copy to your submission notecard.

4. Please keep all work PG friendly.

5. Enjoy and have fun!

To apply to the contest, fill out the form here

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